12 May 2014

Mascot Character (F) Design : Character Concept

We have arrived at the 2nd instalment of the Mascot Character (F) Design series. In the previous instalment, we mentioned about how and why we are influenced and motivated to design our very own mascot character, explained about the importance of creating a profile for the character in question, and the design direction which we have adopted and work towards.

Image: Cover Image of the Mascot Character (F) Design Series

Image: Flowchart of the Character Design Process

Once Character Profiling is done, we proceed to the next stage of the Character Design Process which is to create the Character Concept. What we will do are to write down and sketch out the ideas and impressions of the character that we have in our heads such as the character's physical appearance as well as the clothes and accessories.

Image: Written Concept of the Character Appearance

As we think deeply in our minds about how we want our lovely female mascot character appearance to be like, an idea will continue to remain as an idea until it has been written down in a tangible form. The ideas and impressions of a character's appearance can also be expresed just like filling up an application form.

The greatest challenge which we faced while coming up with the character's appearance is deciding on the type of clothes and accessories she will don as well as the hairstyle which she will sport. We are neither fashion designers nor hairdressers by profession and this created another level of challenge for us.

What we did as media producers is to conduct extensive research on female hairstyles as well as modern clothings which we think will make our character look cute. As we adopt the Anime style, we also took many references from Japanese Anime such as the Shimapan (Striped Panties) and Knee Socks to create the Zettai Ryouiki (Absolute Region) effect.

Image: Visual Concept of the Character Appearance

The next challenge which we have issued to ourselves is to draw visual images of our ideas and impressions for the mascot character. Once again, we are not visual artists by profession and this is also a new challenge for a bunch of computer keyboard and mouse warriors who are used to simply typing and clicking while looking at computer screens filled with pixels.

While it takes an experienced visual artist nothing more than 2 hours of hard work to produce the same quality and quantity of concept artworks as shown in the image above, it took us at least 5-6 times the amount time and effort to produce similar results which is equivalent 10-12 hours.

We went to read up drawing guides on the internet and took references from real life photos as well as from existing Anime characters such as Isoshima Kurumi and Yuuki Asuna while sweating big time and drawing our character concepts. Special thanks to Google-sensei for being a wonderful search engine!

Some Random Cries of Happiness
.. which you should not really bother. Yeah, we are absolutely serious!

Finally, something visual which we can feast our eyes on!
Yeah, believe us, we have also been longing for this moment and it is finally upon us!
Adding on to the goodness, it is a cute girl who can help lighten the mood around Project JeForceX!

At the end of the entire process, we are feeling both relieved and satisfied at the same point of time for achieving something outside of our leagues (typing, clicking, and occasional molestation of smart device screens).

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