06 May 2014

Valkyrie Crusade - Gaming Journal 2014:05

It has been more than 4 months since I first started playing Valkyrie Crusade on my Android smartphone. I have secured many areas in the celestial realms, defeated countless evil maidens, battled against countless archwitches, received many war trophies, upgraded my kingdom, evolved my maidens, amalgamated my maidens, so on and so forth.

Screenshot: The Kingdom screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

Screenshot: The Player Profile screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

I have journeyed far and reached kingdom level 94 out of the current maximum cap of 120. Whether there will be a level cap release or not will depend on Nubee and their plans on the future game development of Valkyrie Crusade.

In case you are wondering, the name of my kingdoms are written in the Japanese Language.

Tengoku = Kingdom of Heaven
Harukawa = Spring River

Screenshot: The Edit Unit (Attack) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

My Main Battle Team, which is also known as Alliance Battle Team, has changed over time which is made up of the more powerful archwitch maidens which I have captured during my journey in the celestial realms. I will continue to play the game and someday, capture more archwitch maidens to form more complete teams.

Screenshot: The Edit Unit (Defense) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

My Defense Team, which is used to defend my war trophies from being stolen by other players, is also made up of many powerful archwitch maidens who are better used on a defensive purpose. I shall gather more powerful and defensive archwitch maidens as time passes by.

Screenshot: The Edit Unit (Collection) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

What comes to your mind when you see the words 'Loli Maximus'? ^^; Here be my collection of beautiful but less powerful maidens which I could neither find places to fit them in nor afford to sell them away.

Valkyrie Crusade is a game which is highly dependent on chance / probability. It is either you get it, or you do not. There is no secret trick to getting a powerful maiden. Even cash users are not spared from the game's probability algorithm.

Screenshot: The Alliance (Notice Board) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

Being unsatisfied with the management style of many other alliances, I have decided to create my very own alliance.
Here be the notice board which every alliance member can post their messages for other members to read.

I heard of other alliances using external communication systems such as Facebook Groups, Skype, and Chatango.
What kind of external communication system does your alliance use?

Screenshot: The Alliance (Information) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

I am the leader of my very own alliance known as 'World Union'.
Our core values are simple yet powerful statements that keep the alliance running in right direction.

Unity = Unite and help reinforce alliance members' archwitch battles.
Freedom = No mandatory login, level, resource contribution, or goddess worship requirements.
Success = Win alliance battles and succeed together as one united alliance.

Screenshot: The Alliance (Member Page) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

Membership turnover in every alliance is inevitable as players will get sick and tired of playing this game some day and just go missing without informing anyone of their departure.

This member page is a good source of information to track who are in my alliance and how long they have been away from the game. I have been expelling inactive members who went missing for more than 30 days, creating opportunities for players who are actively playing the game and looking for a friendly alliance to join.

Screenshot: The Alliance Hall screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

Being part of an alliance comes along with some perks which solo players will not be able to enjoy. The alliance hall is not just a building sitting in your kingdom, but also provide both resource and experience bonuses to its members.

Screenshot: The Alliance Hall (Invested Resources Details) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

Members of an alliance can contribute resources to the alliance hall, allowing it to level up, and provide higher levels of bonuses to the members in return. Members who contribute resources are honored with their names listed and sorted in a descending order based on how much resources they have contributed in total.

Screenshot: The Campaign Map (Celestial Realm 1) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

I managed to clear the very first campaign map of the game. There is not really a compelling story other than to advance from one stage to the other, doing the same old thing which is battling against evil maidens. That is all, nothing much, nothing less. Expect little to nothing and you will not be disappointed when presented with little to nothing.

Screenshot: The Campaign Map (Celestial Realm 2) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

As time passes by, the game development team created a second campaign map to extend the gameplay experience of players who cleared the first campaign map and left with nothing else to do in the game. In this new campaign map, they introduced a deeper story with enhanced animation and interactions between the non-player characters (NPC).

As you can see in the screenshot above, I am still in the midst of journeying through the second campaign map. It will take me a little while more to clear this campaign map as new exclusive event campaign maps are released once every 2 weeks to spice up the gameplay experience with a limited timeframe for players to clear before the event ends.

Screenshot: The Exclusive Event Campaign Map (Cybercity) screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

Exclusive Event Campaign Maps have been a very creative game development plan to keep things interesting for the players instead of calling it 'finished' when players clear the official campaign maps (2 as of writing this feature article).

These events also offer exclusive rewards and maidens which cannot be found anywhere else in the game. Players will have to decide for themselves whether they want to grab up all these exclusives during these limited time events or pass up on the offer and play through the official campaign maps instead.

Screenshot: The Receive Card Reward screen in the Valkyrie Crusade game.

Decision-making is all about opportunity costs and players will have to decide which one they value more. Since the official campaign maps are there to stay for eternity, I choose to play the exclusive event maps and invest my vitality points into acquiring the exclusive limited rewards while putting my adventures in the official campaign maps on hiatus.

Shown in the screenshot above is a limited Super Rare (SR) card which I have received as a reward for defeating the limited archwitch maidens during an exclusive limited event. The Anime style artworks used to design this game has kept me going on, I will continue to play Valkyrie Crusade in the days to come, and venture towards the 'End Game' state.

If you have not yet started playing Valkyrie Crusade and keen to give it a try, click HERE to download the Android version of the game from the Google Play Store! It is Free-to-Download, Free-to-Play, and no hidden costs at all.

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