30 June 2014

JeForce Journal 2014:06

We have arrived at the next instalment of the JeForce Journal series of feature articles which I will be sharing the latest photos, changes, and enhancement plans of my executive workspace with my comrades. Time sure flies and a lot of changes happened to our lives while we were least aware of them!

Photo: Perspective view of the Project JeForceX Executive Work Space

16 June 2014

Difference between Work, Job, and Career

What is the difference between a work, job, and career? These distinctly different words with different definitions and meanings have very often been mistakened by many folks and used in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is a lot of work to be done to improve the quality of our lives but may not necessary be a paid job or a potential career choice.

Photo: Figma Nyaruko & Figma Emiya Kiritsugu in a Handshake

09 June 2014

Good Smile Company

While we have written about the various Figma figures that we have in our collection such as Figma Emiya Kiritsugu and Figma Nyaruko, it is about time to bring the spotlight towards Good Smile Company (GSC), a true blue Japanese organization behind the creation of all these wonderful hobby products!

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Home Page

02 June 2014

Anime Picks - Summer 2014

The season of summer 2014 is upon us and that also means a new wave of exciting Anime titles being released to satiate the hunger of our eyes and brains! This season has a lot of promising Anime titles that will be worth our time watching and we have picked up to 10 titles from our usual source of information - AniChart.

The Anime titles as presented in this feature article are sorted by alphabetical and ascending order, not based on any known ranking systems nor personal or community preferences.

Screenshot: Home Page of AniChart - Summer Season