16 June 2014

Difference between Work, Job, and Career

What is the difference between a work, job, and career? These distinctly different words with different definitions and meanings have very often been mistakened by many folks and used in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is a lot of work to be done to improve the quality of our lives but may not necessary be a paid job or a potential career choice.

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What is 'Work'

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In a home setting, there is laundry, cleaning, cooking, and washing to be taken care of on a daily basis. These activities are what we usually categorize as housework. It is also a form of work which the person does not get paid to do but still have to get it done or wear dirty clothes and live in an untidy home.

In a school setting, teachers will usually give students homework to bring home, complete them overnight, and have them submitted for marking on the following day. While the homework does bring about educational benefits, it is a form of work which student does not get paid to do but still have to get it done or face punishment.

In an employment setting, job seekers have to get their photos taken, write an award-winning resume, send in job applications, attend job interviews, and sign on the employment contract when being offered the job. While the job seeker does not get paid a single dime to do any one of the activities mentioned, it is still a necessary requirement to get hired.

What is 'Job'

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When a person graduates from school (in this day and age), he sets out to look for a job to earn money and put food on the table. A job can range from administrative and operational to executive and managerial type.

The duties may include activities such as data entry into an excel spreadsheet, promoting products to customers, preparation of financial reports, and making decisions of whether to hire more productive staff or fire unproductive staff.

A job (or employment) may be a temporary assignment, project-bound, part-time, or full-time. While the term 'Permanent Job' exists in Singapore, there is no such thing as a 100% permanent job as organizations will undergo restructuring some day and these jobs can easily be struck off the list of staff positions in a move to reduce expenses.

What is 'Career'

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Often mistaken as being in a specialization or profession for many many donkey years, a career is more about developing oneself as a resourceful and valuable asset which brings about great improvements to the society and positive changes to lives.

While some folks claim that they are pursuing a career in music, not all of them are doing it with a mission to create songs which help lighten the hearts, minds, and souls of their listeners. When the money stops flowing due to a fact that listeners are no longer interested in that kind of song, will they continue to create more songs and try to win the hearts of their listeners?

Passionate musicians will continue to pursue their career in music regardless of adversity and it does not end just because they have reached a certain age. While senior folks may not be as rugged and energetic as their junior counterparts, they do have the experience accumulated throughout their career and take up the role of a mentor to coach new musicians instead of being the musicians themselves until the day they kiss the floor.

Round-Up: Work / Job / Career

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Work - Activities that are unsought for, no payment receivable, but necessary.
Job - A role in an organization which the individual gets paid for getting work done.
Career - Development of oneself to become a resourceful and valuable asset to the society.

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