09 June 2014

Good Smile Company

While we have written about the various Figma figures that we have in our collection such as Figma Emiya Kiritsugu and Figma Nyaruko, it is about time to bring the spotlight towards Good Smile Company (GSC), a true blue Japanese organization behind the creation of all these wonderful hobby products!

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Home Page

Scaled Figures

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Scaled Figures Page

The first kind of Character Figure product which GSC offers to the market is the scaled figure. These character figures are sculpted and painted to look just like their two-dimensional (2D) counterparts. These scaled figures are not toys and are designed to remain in the same pose for eternity.

The Nendoroid Series

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Nendoroid Series Page

The Nendoroid series is a type of Super-Deformed (SD) action character figure product which is exclusively designed and produced by GSC. Unlike scaled figures, the Nendoroid has both interchangeable and pose-able body parts. These character figures can re-enact many scenes from the original Anime series or even create new and never seen before ones!

The Figma Series

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Figma Series Page

Similar to the Nendoroid, the Figma series is also a line of action character figure product with interchangeable and pose-able body parts. The Figma however, is designed to look just like their 2D counterparts in terms of original body proportions as well as being able to change poses.

Original Body Proportions + Interchangeable Body Parts + Pose-able = EPIC WIN

The Figma series is our #1 favorite product line from GSC of all time and continues to do so!

On a side note however, the Figma series does not really seem to be a popular choice among avid Character Figure Collectors around the world. Some folks mentioned about the Figma being the ugliest character figure product line ever due to the obvious and outstanding joints, ruining the beautiful image of the characters.

We still love our Figma figures and believe that this is the price we are willing to pay for getting the best aspects of both worlds! Just as a common saying goes: "A man's meat may turn out to be another man's poison".

Other Figures

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Other Figures Page

GSC also offers other kinds of character figure products which did not really tickle our fancies.
However, if you are interested in these products, head over to their website and have a look!

Other Merchandises

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Other Merchandises Page

Aside from just character figures, GSC also offers merchandises such as the Moekana Japanese Language Learning Product by Culture Japan and T-Shirts with Anime theme.

Figure Product Information

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Product Information Page

Every single character figure product of GSC has its very own product information page and they are all packed full of information and photos to help keep you informed and manage your expectations of the product in question.

Retail Partners

Screenshot: Good Smile Company (English) Website - Retail Partners Page

While working adults have access to Credit Card facilities and being able to make purchases from online shops, these retail partners have made character figure shopping much more accessible for folks without Credit Card facilities or simply does not want to be exposed to the risks and dangers of online shopping.

GSC has partnered with many retail businesses across the globe to help distribute their character figure products, spreading the goodness of a wonderful hobby life outside of Japan.

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