30 June 2014

JeForce Journal 2014:06

We have arrived at the next instalment of the JeForce Journal series of feature articles which I will be sharing the latest photos, changes, and enhancement plans of my executive workspace with my comrades. Time sure flies and a lot of changes happened to our lives while we were least aware of them!

Photo: Perspective view of the Project JeForceX Executive Work Space

Changes to the Executive Workspace

Photo: Lenovo IdeaPad Z470 Notebook Computer with Bioware's Mass Effect 3 Wallpaper

Change is the constant of the modern world we live in today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. I have made many changes to the layout of my executive workspace which gives me a refreshing outlook for the days to come. My notebook computer is still working fine (like a horse) and does not require a change any time soon though. ^^;

The Administrative Section

Photo: Plastic Clear Holder Files with Black Cover

The sacred ground which my trusty little sketch book used to sit around has now been replaced by plastic clear holder files which I have been using to archive my documents such as project schematics and study notes for Japanese Language & Culture.

Photo: Close-up Look of the Plastic Clear Holder Files

Should the spine of the file labels start from the top to bottom or the other way round? Having looked at the spine labels of my other books, it appears to be the other way round though. ^^; The label of the Project JeForceX plastic clear holder was created many many moons ago and still bears the old tagline of "Live The Dream". It is about time to get them both changed!

The Snacking Corner

Photo: Snacking Corner of the Executive Work Space

The McVities Digetive Biscuits which I stored in a container used by Chinese folks during Lunar New Year has been replaced with a clear food storage which only costed me S$2 from DAISO. ^^; I am only left with one piece of biscuit before I fill up the container with a recently purchased roll of Oreo cookies.

The next thing which I plan to change is the coaster sitting right underneath the Aria the Scarlet Ammo Tumbler. I have seen many Anime Coasters being offered on the AmiAmi Online Shop but none of them tickled my fancies enough to make me click on the buy button.

The Anime Figure Shrine

Photo: Anime Figure Shrine of the Executive Work Space

Figma Nyaruko has been shifted from the left to right side of the executive work space who is now being accompanied by 2 new comrades, Figma Emiya Kiritsugu, and Figma Eren Yeager in the battle against the gloomy monsters that seek to plague the executive work space with boredom. ^^;

The gray boxes at the left are experimental papercraft works which I have made many many moons ago. They are supposed to be used for the filming of Figma Figures and I might go about re-visiting this hobby some day in the future. No promises though as my current focus is on Personal, Career, and Business Development.

The Culture Japan Shrine

Photo: Culture Japan Shrine of the Executive Work Space

I have been a follower of the Culture Japan brand by Danny Choo sensei for many years and have created a shrine to commemorate my growing collection of Culture Japan products.

From the left to the right are the ..

The J-Culture Wall

Photo: J-Culture Wall of the Executive Work Space

Formerly known as The Otaku Wall, I have renamed it to The J-Culture Wall as the word Otaku is too general and can mean anything from being a Car Fanboy to a Military Fanboy. ^^;

New additions have found their way to the top left corner of The J-Culture Wall. Being a customer of AmiAmi Online Shop, they have been shipping these cute-looking Thank You Cards together with the goodies which I have ordered.

Photo: Close-up look at the Thank You Cards from AmiAmi Online Shop

These Thank You Cards are printed on both side, one side with an Anime style artwork, and the other side with a thank you message. ^^; Do you buy your Anime Merchandises from the AmiAmi Online Shop?

Executive Work Space: 3 Months Later

Photo: Comparison between Executive Work Spaces of Two Different Periods

A lot of changes happened to the Project JeForceX Executive Work Space in just 3 short months! However, I am expecting to observe less changes over the next few instalments as I am very satisfied with this new layout which has been making me feel happy about it ever since it was set in motion. ^o^

Do check out the previous instalment of the JeForce Journal series if you have never seen it before!

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