07 July 2014

Figma Eren Yeager

"I will kill every single one of the titans!"

From the popular 'Attack on Titan' series comes a figma of Eren Yeager, titan slayer, and member of the Scouting Legion!

We have arrived at the next instalment of the Character Figure series! We take a look at Figma Eren Yeager, the second male character in our Figma collection. In the previous instalment, we had Figma Emiya Kiritsugu with us and now he has a new challenging rival, or perhaps a valuable comrade-in-arm, to join him in the battle against the Forces of Boredom.

Taking a look at the Character Figure

Photo: Figma Eren Yeager in the Signature Box Art Pose - Front View

Figma Eren Yeager arrived together with the Double Titan Slaying Blades, Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear (3DMG), and Scouting Legion Cloak. There are many more props and accessories bundled together in this package but I have decided to use only the necessary ones to re-create the signature box art pose.

Photo: Figma Eren Yeager in the Signature Box Art Pose - Left Side View

With all the blades, 3DMG, and cloak equipped, the figure became so heavy that it is no longer able to maintain its own balance and stand on its own legs. Support from the Figma stand have to be added in order to re-create poses that have uneven weight distribution and centre of gravity.

Photo: Figma Eren Yeager in the Signature Box Art Pose - Rear View

How many 'wires' have you spotted so far? There are a total of 4 wires on the 3DMG, 2 for the blades on hand, the other 2 for connection between the gas exhaust and gas tanks. Equipping the 3DMG onto Figma Eren Yeager is a very challenging task especially for folks who prefer to get things done fast as the wires are very fragile.

Photo: Figma Eren Yeager in the Signature Box Art Pose - Right Side View

The hilt of the Titan Slaying Blades can be detached from the wires for ease of prop management during storage and transition. The blades are also as fragile as the wires and should be handled with extreme caution.

The Close-up Look

Photo: Close-up look of Figma Eren Yeager

The 3DMG is very well made even at such a micro scale!
The spare blades cannot be removed though. ^^;

Photo: Close-up look of the Titan Slaying Blades

The Titan Slaying Blades are also very well-made, down to the finest of details!

Photo: Close-up look of the Scouting Legion Cloak

The Scouting Legion Cloak is very well sculpted to make it look like it is flowing with the wind.
The emblem of the Scouting Legion is also well printed onto the curves of the cloak.

Figma Eren Yeager Round-up

Photo: Figma Eren Yeager in the signature salute pose.

There is a lot more to Figma Eren Yeager than meets the eye!
Owners of this Character Figure can re-enact many scenes and poses from the Anime series as well as create new never-seen-before scenes which I will leave it to the power of the creator's imaginations. ^^;

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