25 August 2014

[Anime Review] No Game No Life

There have been a sudden surge of postings on social media platforms as well as pop culture websites throughout the period of Spring 2014 about this certain Anime series known as No Game No Life. Being curious, I have decided to give this Anime series a try and find out what the hype is all about.

Screen Capture: No Game No Life title during the opening sequence.

18 August 2014

Figma Snow Miku

The Winter Songstress is joining the figma series this Winter!
- Good Smile Company

In this instalment of the Character Figure series here at Project JeForceX, we take a look at Figma Snow Miku, a modified and themed version of the popular virtual diva loved by millions of folks across the globe.

Photo: Figma Snow Miku having fun with snowman construction.

11 August 2014

EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

EOY Cosplay Festival 2014 took place on the 02 - 03 August 2014 from 10AM - 7PM at The Marina Barrage in Singapore. It is a cultural festival organized for the community by like-minded members of the same community who share similar interests, hobbies, and passion for J-Culture.

Photo: Overview of EOY Cosplay Festival 2014 @ Marina Barrage
Copyright: The EOY Logo © Events of the Year

04 August 2014

Getting Started with Life Improvement

How are you doing in your life? If your answer is somehow good, would you like to make it better than just good? And if your answer is somehow not so good, would you like to have it changed to at least a good or even better?

We have always been told the same old grandfather and grandmother advices but no matter how hard we try, we are still not getting any closer to what we have always been pursuing, a perfect life, or perhaps a less ambitious one, a peaceful life. What are we doing wrong or missing out?

Photo: Figma Nyaruko posing with a shrug and wide open hands.