11 August 2014

EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

EOY Cosplay Festival 2014 took place on the 02 - 03 August 2014 from 10AM - 7PM at The Marina Barrage in Singapore. It is a cultural festival organized for the community by like-minded members of the same community who share similar interests, hobbies, and passion for J-Culture.

Photo: Overview of EOY Cosplay Festival 2014 @ Marina Barrage
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The Event Location

Photo: Merchandise Marketplace @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

Many folks from all walks of life, regardless of whether they are Anime lovers, Manga lovers, Cosplay lovers, , made their way down to this far end of the island nation to celebrate their love for J-Culture!

Photo: Merchandise Marketplace @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

Seeing huge crowds forming at the event is a heartwarming sight.

Photo: Merchandise Marketplace @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

The first-person experience of that crowd at ground zero!

The Guest Performers

Photo: Asibuto Penta & Marisu performance on stage.

Gracing the event were two popular Nico Nico Dancers from Japan, Asibuto Penta and Marisu.

Video: EOY 2014 Marisu & Penta

Watch and enjoy a video of their performance recorded and uploaded by comrade Speedknight.
Those dance moves are so fast and furious that I could break a limb or two if I gave them a try. ^^;

Photo: Asibuta Penta Autograph Session

A close-up look at guest performer Penta during her autograph session.
Folks who bought any of her official merchandises can get them signed personally by herself.

“Wonderland” A Theme Park Doll Display Booth

Photo: Overview of the Doll Theme Park

Aside from the hustle and bustle of the event, there is an exhibition of dolls by Fujiwara Yukino.

Photo: Doll Carousell

The dolls come in many different shapes and sizes, fitting and blending into different types of environments.

Photo: Doll-sized shoot the duck carnival game.

These dolls can re-enact scenes from popular Anime series or even brand new never-seen-before scenes created from the power of the owners' imaginations!

Photo: Handmade Plush Toys Exhibition & Shop

Right next to the doll exhibition is a handmade plush toy exhibition which also has plush-y merchandises available for sale.
Mentioning about merchandises, we shall head over and take a look at the merchandise marketplace!

The Merchandise Marketplace

Photo: The merchandise marketplace at ground zero.

The merchandise marketplace is one of the experience zones that offers both official licensed J-Culture merchandises as well as doujin (fan-made) creations by freelance artisans and creative groups.

Photo: The Collateral Damage Studios Booth

Shopping for doujin creations has never been the same as before as popular doujin group Collateral Damage Studios run interactive social games and lucky draws at their booth instead of the offering traditional 'see it, like it, buy it' experience.

Photo: The ICE*BERRY Booth

The ICE*BERRY booth offers doujin creations such as can badges and prints with gorgeously done works of art!

Photo: Can Badges by ICE*BERRY

Are you able to identify the characters printed onto the can badges? ^^;

Photo: Art Prints by ICE*BERRY

What does one do with these smaller size art prints? Well, you definitely cannot eat them but you can paste them up and decorate your J-Culture Wall. ^^;

Photo: The FantaisieNocturne Productions Booth

Another notable artisan group is FantaisieNocturne Productions (FNP) with their beautiful works of art!

Photo: Can Badges by FantaisieNocturne Productions

A close-up look at the can badges by FNP.
Dat Stephanie Dola can badge! <3

Photo: The Twin Rabbit Booth

One of the best designed artisan booth which attracted my undivided attention while walking around the merchandise marketplace. Their staff are also very friendly and will explain every single thing about their creations to you!

Photo: Can Badges by Twin Rabbit

These can badges are stored in a very creative way using candy boxes normally used by convenience stores.

Photo: More artistic creations by Twin Rabbit

When I asked the staff about the origin of these creations, they mentioned that these creations are all designed and produced by themselves! None of them are imported or distributed from suppliers.

Photo: Keychains by Twin Rabbit

Lovely keychains designed with characters from popular Anime series!
The boxed creations at the bottom are also designed and packaged by the artisan group themself.

Photo: More creations by Twin Rabbit

Any of the creations here tickled your fancies? ^^;

Photo: Mini UFO Catcher Game by Twin Rabbit

This might look small but it is actually a real operational unit which can be played with.
Next up, we head out of the shades and take a look at the great outdoors!

Outdoor Exhibitions

Photo: League of Legends Wall by Garena

Garena has made its presence at EOY Cosplay Festival with this HUUUGE Leage of Legends Wall.
Cosplayers can feel free to head over have their photos taken with this magical backdrop.

Photo: Itasha decorated with Cute-Pop and CuteSquad decals.

Here be an Itasha on display, decorated with characters from the Cute-Pop and CuteSquad brands.

Photo: Itansha decorated with K-ON! decals.

Here be an Itansha on display, decorated with character Hirasawa Yui from the popular K-ON! series.

Photo: Itansha decorated with Hatsune Miku decals.

Here be an Itansha on display, decorated with VOCALOID Hatsune Miku, a virtual diva.
Hmm.. this looks kind of plain.. what will happen when we put a life-sized Miku next to the bike? ^^;

Photo: Hatsune Miku Cosplayer posing next to the Itansha.

Now this look lovely! <3
Special thanks go to the cosplayer for agreeing to pose for photos with the Itansha! ^^;

Now that we are at it, our next and final stop will be cosplay!

The Cosplay

Photo: Cosplayer @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

Character: Nishizono Maki (Halloween ver.)
Series: Love Live! School Idol Project

Cosplay is at the heart and soul as well as being the main attraction of EOY Cosplay Festival 2014!

Photo: Cosplayer @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

Character: Yazawa Nico (Halloween ver.)
Series: Love Live! School Idol Project

Photo: Cosplayer @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

Character: Beatrice (Witch ver.)
Series: Umineko no Naku koro ni (When Seagulls Cry)

The Marina Barrage has a very beautiful green roof area for cosplay photography.

Photo: Cosplayer @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

Character: Ushiromiya Battler
Series: Umineko no Naku koro ni (When Seagulls Cry)

Cosplayers should head over to the green roof area and give it a shot at the next available opportunity.

Photo: Cosplayers @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

Character: Beatrice (Witch ver.) & Ushiromiya Battler
Series: Umineko no Naku koro ni (When Seagulls Cry)

Round-up: EOY Cosplay Festival 2014

Video: EOY 2014 Day 1 + 2 Cosplay Video

Enjoy a video walkthrough of cosplayers at EOY Cosplay Festival 2014 by comrade o0Lemon0o.

  • Exhibition of creative works and sales of J-Culture merchandises.
  • Singing and dancing performances on stage by special guest performers as well as talented community members.
  • Cosplayers having fun with role-playing and posing for photographs.

There is so much more to EOY Cosplay Festival 2014 than meets the eye!

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