18 August 2014

Figma Snow Miku

The Winter Songstress is joining the figma series this Winter!
- Good Smile Company

In this instalment of the Character Figure series here at Project JeForceX, we take a look at Figma Snow Miku, a modified and themed version of the popular virtual diva loved by millions of folks across the globe.

Photo: Figma Snow Miku having fun with snowman construction.

Turntable Look at the Figure

Photo: Figma Snow Miku in Signature Pose - Quarter Front View

Starting from this instalment, I have decided to capture more turntable photos (up to 6) for a better representation instead of the usual 4 photos which show the front, left, back, and right side of a Character Figure.

Photo: Figma Snow Miku in Signature Pose - Front Left View

Figma Snow Miku is both gorgerous and cute at the same time.

Photo: Figma Snow Miku in Signature Pose - Back Left View

The figma support stand is vital for Miku-chan to strike this signature pose.

Photo: Figma Snow Miku in Signature Pose - Full Back View

The center of gravity is skewed towards the front, causing Miku-chan to fall face-down and kiss the floor right in front of her if she has to strike this pose without the figma support stand.

Photo: Figma Snow Miku in Signature Pose - Right Back View

Unlike the past Character Figures which I have featured such as Figma Emiya Kiritsugu and Figma Eren Yeager which have matt paint finishing, Figma Snow Miku is painted with a glossy finish which bounces off any light shone onto her.

Photo: Figma Snow Miku in Signature Pose - Right Front View

The camera angle of these photos are captured at a slightly higher than usual which makes a female character look much more feminine than its intended design. Camera angles play a very important factor in media production.

Close-up Look at the Figure

Photo: Figma Snow Miku - Tie and Scarf with Snow Flake Sprites

Taking a closer look at Miku-chan, we can see her tie and scarf decorated with Snow Flake Sprites.

Photo: Figma Snow Miku - Snow Flake Sprites on Hair

Her hair is semi-translucent which allows light to enter and it is also decorated with the Snow Flake Sprite!

Additional Poses

Photo: Figma Snow Miku in another pose.

How would you name and describe this lovely pose? ^^;
I am unable to come up with a name or description for it! >_<

Photo: Figma Snow Miku having fun with snowman construction.

Of all the suggested poses shown on the product packaging, this is one of my favorites! <3


L. R. Espinosa said...

Where did you get this cutie? I've seen her on Amazon for about $70, but I'm not sure if I should risk it. With those third party sellers, you never know if you'll get a bootleg or the real thing.

JeForceX said...


I bought this Figma Snow Miku directly from the Good Smile Company Online Shop -
- for about $42. Unfortunately, the sales period has already ended during Wonder Festival (Feb 2014) as it was an event exclusive.

While seasoned collectors keep their figures Mint In Sealed Box (MISB) for trading purposes, $70 is the current market price for resale. Online shopping, especially from re-sellers, is always risky. One should do as much research on the seller as possible before making a purchase.

Here is a re-seller link which I found from my favorite online shop -
- this item has already been checked by AmiAmi Online Shop itself and it is no bootleg. ;)

Grab it as quickly as you can before someone else does!