03 September 2014

International Cosplay Day Singapore 2014

Taking place during the same period as the rest of the world, International Cosplay Day Singapore 2014 (ICDS 2014) is an annual special interest and cultural festival which happened on 24 Aug 2014 at *SCAPE in the midst of Singapore's iconic shopping belt. Many folks from all walks of life made their way down to the event grounds and celebrated their passion for the Cosplay hobby.

Screen Capture: Home Page of the ICDS 2014 website.

The Event Location

Photo: The logo of *SCAPE in its built environment form.

*SCAPE is a modern and built-up playground for youths filled with popular Food & Beverage outlets, flea markets for entrepreneurial folks, fashion stores, creative establishments, and many recreational facilities.

Photo: The entrance of The Ground Theatre @ *SCAPE.

The look and feel of the ICDS 2014 event location may not be as grand as many other large-scale public events but it is still a quality event with a certain depth.

Photo: The stage area inside The Ground Theatre.

The stage and its performances are the heart and soul of every successful event.

Photo: Huge crowds watching the stage performances.

Ever since its debut, the ICDS series of events has always been dressed up with a darker environmental setting.

Photo: Experience Zone - Heroes of the Storm

Even though ICDS is an event focused on cosplay, there are many other experience zones available such as a booth for curious folks to try out the Heroes of the Storm game by Blizzard Entertainment.

Photo: Experience Zone - World Manga Academy

International is the key and buzz word of this event, that is why we are seeing many contents from many different parts of the world brought together to the same location. If you are an aspiring manga artist, head over to the World Manga Academy website and acquire the knowledge you need to become one. Best of all, it is free!

The Doujin Marketplace

Photo: Overview of The Doujin Marketplace.

ICDS 2014 did not just take place in the convention hall, but throughout all 5 levels of *SCAPE!
We take a look at one of the locations for Doujin Merchants.

Photo: Extravaganza - The Artisan Showcase

In the midst of the Doujin Merchants is the Extravaganza showcase which features Manga works created by local artisans.

Photo: Extravaganza - Close-up look at Artisan Showcase

The local artisans are talented and created these fun to read and cute to look at works!

Photo: Doujin Artisan Booths

A line-up of Doujin Artisan booths, offering their ready-made goods and art commissioning services.

Photo: The Doujin Marketplace - Daiyaku Booth

Doujin Artisans get a lot more creative in each consecutive event, bringing us greater varieties of creations from T-Shirts with character prints to character plush toys.

Photo: The Doujin Marketplace - Doodl3Werks Booth

Double peace! We take a look at this Doujin Artisan Group which goes by the name of Doodl3Werks.

Photo: The Doujin Marketplace - Doodl3Werks Booth

Their works are well-diversified between the Shonen and Bishoujo art styles.

Photo: The Doujin Marketplace - Aposekari Booth

Another notable Doujin Artisan Group goes by the name of Aposekari.

Photo: The Doujin Marketplace - Aposekari Booth

I am unable to identify any of the characters here. >w<
Are you able to identify them? ^^;

Photo: The Doujin Marketplace - Aposekari Booth

That beautiful KanColle Yamato print! *^*

Photo: The Doujin Marketplace - Game Standee by FantaisieNocturne Productions

Kantai Collection (KanColle) has been the trending during this period and Doujin Artisan Group FantaisieNocturne Productions hosted a battleship game with prizes to be won regardless of whether you won or not!

Photo: Folks playing the Battleship game at FantaisieNocturne Productions booth.

Having an interactive game for visitors to play with is a great addition and complements the traditional see it, buy it, and commission it experience at a Doujin Marketplace. It brings the visitor experience to a whole new level!

The Cosplay

Photo: Wall of Photographers forming around a cosplayer.

We take a look at the Cosplay by event visitors, the heart and soul of every successful Cosplay event!
Cosplay events are one of the best platforms for new Cosplayers to debut and gauge how far they delved into the hobby.
The number of photographers asking you for a photo is one way to measure the effectiveness of your Cosplay.

Photo: Cosplayer @ ICDS 2014

Character: Enoshima Junko
Series: Dangan Ronpa

Photo: Cosplayer @ ICDS 2014

Character: Sonoda Umi
Series: Love Live! School Idol Project

Photo: Cosplayer @ ICDS 2014

Character: Lenalee Lee
Series: D.Gray-man

Photo: Cosplayer @ ICDS 2014

Character: Enomoto Takane (Ene)
Series: Mekakucity Actor

Photo: Cosplayer @ ICDS 2014

Character: Akashi Seijuro (Genderbend ver.)
Series: Kuroko no Basu

Photo: Cosplayer @ ICDS 2014

Character: Fuse Midori
Series: Black Bullet

Photo: Cosplayer @ ICDS 2014

Character: Yuuki Asuna
Series: Sword Art Online

Photo: Cosplayer @ ICDS 2014

While I have been capturing full-body photos of Cosplayer, I have started to experiment with different angles and framings.
Shown here is one of my most successful close-up shots to date.
I may not be a professional photographer but have a desire and passion to capture good photos.

Round-up: International Cosplay Day Singapore 2014

Photo: Activities taking place at *SCAPE Sky Terrace L4.

At the end of ICDS 2014, it has been a highly diversified experience with the event spread throughout the entire compound of *SCAPE. There are certainly lots of room for improvement and I look forward to another year of ICDS!


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