23 September 2014

Nendoroid Kongo

"It's my turn to join the Nendoroids!! Everyone, follow me!"

From the popular browser game 'Kantai Collection -KanColle-' comes a Nendoroid of the Super Dreadnought Battleship, Kongo! The large turret battery on her back featuring four separate turrets are each separately articulated for all sorts of poses!

She also comes with a tea cup, saucer and chair to display her relaxing for tea time as any ship originating from England should! Alternate parts that allow you to display her in her half-damage form are also included, leaving fans with all sorts of different options to choose from!

(Source: Good Smile Company)

Photo: Nendoroid Kongo in the Signature Pose

The Product Packaging

Photo: Front View of the Nendoroid Kongo Product Packaging

In this instalment of the Character Figure series, we take a look at Nendoroid Kongo by Good Smile Company. If you are wondering whether her name should be spelt 'Kongo' or 'Kongou', there is no right or wrong way to spell her name as both are correct and used in many different parts of the internet.

Photo: Rear View of the Nendoroid Kongo Product Packaging

The product packaging has been plastered with photos of the character figure in various possible and signature poses which also serve as references for the owners to pose their character figure. I have been an avid collector of the Figma series of character figures which makes this the very first Nendoroid in my character figure collection. ^^;

The Figure

Photo: The Front View of Nendoroid Kongo

From the un-boxing of this figure from its product packaging to the reproduction of this signature pose of Nendoroid Kongo, it took me more than an hour as her arms kept detaching themselves while I was installing the ship attachment onto her rear.

Photo: The (Right) Side View of Nendoroid Kongo

As I was fixing her arms back to where they are supposed to belong, the ship attachment fell off, and the entire process of fixing and breaking rinsed and repeated itself. >_<

Photo: The Rear View of Nendoroid Kongo

Being a first-time user of the Nendoroid series of character figures, this experience served as a special rite of passage to welcome me into the hobby of collecting these cute little big munchies. ^^;

Photo: The (Left) Side View of Nendoroid Kongo

The Nendoroid series of character figures may be pose-able but they are not as flexible as the figma series of character figures which I have been collecting and featuring here on Project JeForceX.

The Signature Poses

Photo: Nendoroid Kongo sitting on a chair and sipping earl grey tea.

Achieving this pose also proved to be a great challenge as her skirt is rock solid hard and kept bouncing her off the chair. Without the Nendoroid support stand, this pose will not be achievable as Kongou-san will simply slide off the chair as though she is having some fun time at a children's playground! ^^;

Photo: Nendoroid Kongo in Damaged Mode

My favorite moment when playing around with character figures will be the moment when figure support stands are not required. This is one of the easiest poses to achieve with minimal effort when gravity becomes your best friend as you need to make sure that everything is kissing the ground just as they are supposed to. XD

Round-up: Nendoroid Kongo

Photo: A slightly different angle of Nendoroid Kongo in Damaged Mode

Nendoroid Kongo is a very well-made character figure with an amazing sculpture as well as paint work. Now that you have seen her in photos, do you like her and maybe want to have her accompany you in the upcoming work space battles against the forces of boredom and gloom? ^^;

As of writing this Feature Article, there are still stocks available at AmiAmi Online Shop.
If you are interested, head over quickly and grab a copy for yourself! ^^;

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