07 October 2014

Figma Archer

"I can easily buy you some time... but can't I just defeat that thing instead?"
From 'Fate/stay night' comes a figma of Archer, the Servant bound to Rin Tohsaka!
- Good Smile Company

It is that time of the season again when we take a look at Character Figures and comment on how great they are as companions who make our hearts lighter just by simply being there at the corner of our workspaces! We take a look at figma Archer, a pose-able character figure for one of the notable characters from the Fate series by Type-moon.

Photo: figma Archer in one of the Signature Poses

The Packaging

Photo: Front View of the Product Packaging for figma Archer

figma Archer comes packaged in a box (literally) together with his double swords, Kanshou and Bakuya, the Archer Bow, the CaladBolg II (an English sword used as an arrow), and the standard items such as the figma Support Stand and the rods.

Photo: Back View of the Product Packaging for figma Archer

At the point of writing this feature article, I realized that I forgot to capture photos during the un-boxing of this character figure and shall do it the next time I review another character figure. ^^;

The Figure

Photo: Front View of figma Archer

Many folks have been questioning me about the purpose of buying character figures, how they are supposed to be used, or how they will help improve the quality of my life in the long run.

Photo: Front View (Left) of figma Archer

The act of buying and collecting character figures is a form of hobby, very much similar to why people pay to watch movies at the cinemas or buy tickets to watch musical concerts.

Photo: Rear View (Left) of figma Archer

No one stands to gain any physical object of monetary value after watching a movie or musical concert. However, one will stand to gain metaphysical returns such as an increase in the level of happiness in the heart and mind.

Photo: Rear View of figma Archer

Getting work done on the same workspace over prolonged durations can be very a lonely and stressful experience regardless of whether you are surrounded by colleagues and superiors or all alone as the sole-proprietor of a business start-up.

Photo: Rear View (Right) of figma Archer

Character figures can also serve as a source of inspiration for creative professionals such as writers and artists alike. The source of inspiration does not necessarily have to be 100% direct and literal as in the Archer character from the popular Fate/Stay Night series.

Photo: Front View (Right) of figma Archer

Sources of inspiration can come from many simple keywords such as Anglican Fashion and Swords, which may lead the artisan to a paradise far far away. Something will always lead to something while having nothing leads to absolutely nothing.

Signature Poses

Photo: figma Archer wielding Kanshou and Bakuya in Combat Stance

figma Archer is one of the tallest standing male character figure in my collection of figma series figures.

Photo: figma Archer preparing to fire Caladbolg II with Archer Bow

The figure is very well-sculpted and details on the props are amazingly accurate even at such a micro scale.

Round-up: figma Archer

Screenshot: figma Archer Product Page @ Good Smile Company Website

What are your thoughts and feelings about figma Archer?
Did he managed to tickle your fancies to the high heavens or irritate your senses to the depths of hell? ^^;

figma Archer can be purchased from AmiAmi Online Shop. I would personally recommend the EMS shipping method as it is fast, safe, and track-able for high value goods such as character figures.

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