15 October 2014

Take Control of Your Life

Have you been doing what you always wanted to do because you really love doing it or is it due to some kind of unfortunate situation regardless of whether you like it or not? Ever since the day we are brought into this world, we have been following instructions from the older folks without needing to think twice or question why must we do this or that.

Photo: Front View of figma Archer and figma Nyaruko protesting for freedom.

Your Life Belongs Solely to You Alone

Photo: Quarter Left View of figma Archer and figma Nyaruko protesting for freedom.

As we grow up and become more educated than the day before, we began to question our very own existence. Questions such as why do we need to go to school, why do we need to do homework, why do we need to get good grades in our examinations, why this, why that, why yes means yes, and why no means no.

Almost every single one of the questions point back to the same answer which is: To survive and fit in with the society. While we cannot choose which country or family or gender we wanted to be born into, reality is slapped right into our very faces and forced right down our throats without any questions asked.

Photo: Quarter Right View of figma Archer and figma Nyaruko protesting for freedom.

So we accept our fates and do what we must to survive and fit into the society because we are placed into this situation not by choice, but by being born into this world. Is there more to life than just surviving and fitting into the grooves of society? The answer to the question is right in your hearts, minds, and bodies.

While we have to follow 'social norms' to stay on the right side of society's expectations, we are still in control of our minds and bodies. We are free to move our body as and when we want to and think about anything we want to. Every single human being is an individual with free will and is free to pursue his or her own happiness.

Where and what are you supposed to go and do?

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Since young, we have been taught to learn from teachers, obey instructions given to us, and do what we are told to do because we are born stupid, know nothing about the world, and that the older folks are always right.

The older folks are neither entirely correct nor are they entirely wrong. The human race survived the test of time through the stone age with sticks and stones all the way to the present day, surrounded by built environments and technological developments that help make our lives better.

We have become who we are today because of desires beyond basic physiological needs, dream destinations, and aspirations of who we want to be. These dreams would not have been become reality without the bold and out-of-the-norm actions by great people such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Photo: Low Angle View of figma Archer and figma Nyaruko protesting for freedom.

Many people have been asking me the million-dollar question of how to become successful in life.
Here is a quote which I have crafted out of all the knowledge and experience acquired from my journey through life:

To become successful in life, do what the successful people did.

Our lives in this modern day and age have become so comfortable that we are constantly falling into the bottomless pit known as 'the comfort zone' if we choose to do nothing about our lives other than to follow someone else's instructions and wait for problems to be solved by someone else's solution.

"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot;
but make it hot by striking." - William Butler Yeats

Find your passion and pursue it, not just by searching for answers on Google or Yahoo!, but taking actions with your own hearts, minds, and bodies. Do what you want others to do unto you, not just because everyone else is doing it, but because it allows you to move closer than ever to your dream destination!

Round-up: Take Control of Your Life

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Here is a summary of the key points that have been mentioned in this feature article:
  • You are in control of your heart, mind, and body.
  • Do not wait for a miracle to happen.
  • Take actions, pursue your passion, and fulfill your dreams!

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