07 November 2014

Well-Deserved Rest 2014:11

It has been a quite a while since I last took a break from the weekly publication of feature articles here on Project JeForceX. Life has been kind of challenging throughout this calendar year and more challenges await in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. I have been working hard and it is time to reward myself with a 'short break'.

Photo: Nendoroid Plus Hatsune Miku Plush Toy relaxing on the bed with Izayoi Miku Dakimakura.

More Details about the 'Short Break'

Once again, I will be taking a 'short break' from the Blogosphere to refresh, rejuvenate, and recharge my spiritual energies.
The duration will be exactly one month long from 01 - 30 November 2014 (inclusive) even though this publication is written and published within the timeframe of this break. This shows how hardworking I am even though I am on block leave! ^^;

Plans & Activities

Even during this 'short break' from the Blogosphere, I am still reporting for work at my day job as usual and fulfilling my Operationally Ready National Service obligations so I will be engaging in some relaxing activities which can be done locally instead of packing my bags and flying off to paradise at an overseas location.

The plans and activities include but are not just limited to ..
  • Visit Scenic and Iconic Locations in Singapore
  • Outdoor Character Figure Photography
  • Relax over a Cup of Coffee at Starbucks

Until then, remember to reward yourself with a 'short break' once in a while after a prolonged period of hard work!

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