26 December 2014

JeForce Journal 2014:12

We have come to the next instalment of the JeForce Journal series of feature articles where we take a look at the designs, developments, and layouts of executive workspaces as well as suggesting changes and improvements to create a fun-filled and exciting yet relaxing place to get serious work done.

Photo: Overview of the Executive Workspace

Photo: Scrap Papers with Business Development Flowchart

At the far left side of my workspace are these pieces of scrap paper used for writing and drawing business development concepts from simple one-liners such as "a business which sells fried noodles with stir-fried eggs" to flowcharts of multi-million dollar mega corporations.

Photo: Date A Live Mug, Hidan no Aria Tumbler, and other munchy stuffs at The Snacking Corner

In the previous instalment of JeForce Journal, I had some potato chips in the transparent food container to keep me going in the middle of a long day. From time to time, I have been changing the food in this container to keep the pace going as the power of satisfaction diminishes when more of the same stuff is being consumed.

During this season, I have some chocolate-coated wafer biscuits and whole-grain wheat biscuits with chia seeds. ^^;

Photo: Brand New ASUS G56 Gaming Notebook @ The Executive Workspace

I used to have a trusty Lenovo IdeaPad Z470 until the day it took an arrow in the knee. It has served me well for more than 2 years and is resting in peace. Taking over the computing duties is this brand new and trusty ASUS G56 Gaming Notebook which packs more than what a punch can do!

Photo: Squeaky clean Fate/Stay Night Rin x Archer Mousepad and trusty Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse.

Having attended and shopped around Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) 2014 for an extended period of time, I am still unable to find the next-generation mousepad with a design that blows my mind off and decided to give this baby a wash while searching for other alternatives.

Photo: Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset with Microphone detached.

This trusty Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset has been serving me well for quite some time that I could not even remember when I first got it. The sound quality and clarity is still awesome just like brand new. Looks like I will not be changing my audio output accessory any time soon! \^o^/

Photo: The Figure Shrine - A line-up of figma and Nendoroid Character Figures

My figure shrine has been changing season after season. In this instalment of JeForce Journal, we get to see new comrades such as figma Archer and Nendoroid Shimakaze joining the defense force to battle against the dark forces of gloom! ^^;

Photo: Moekana and Moekanji Japanese Language Learning Cards with deck cases and name cards.

As promised in the previous instalment of JeForce Journal, I will be revealing the contents stored inside the deck cases.

While the Moekana and Moekanji Japanese Language Learning Cards are stored in their original product packagings, I have been using these deck cases to store Name Cards, Business Cards, and also Cosplay Cards (CosCard) which I have collected throughout my journey in Japanese Popular Culture.

Photo: Wall of Achievements - Posters and artworks from the world of Japanese Popular Culture.

The number of posters and artworks posted on this wall has been growing season after season! ^^; The latest additions (or replacements) include works by Culture Japan, FantaisieNocturne Productions, and Castanet.

Photo: Various instalments of the JeForce Journal series of feature articles.

In just over a year, my workspace has gone through multiple changes and transformations. At this point of time, I have been enjoying myself getting serious work done with a fun-filled and exciting yet relaxing workspace!

How does your workspace look like?

Do you have plans to make it a much more enjoyable and relaxing environment while getting serious work done?

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