07 January 2015

Brand New Year 2015

A brand new year, a brand new beginning, and a brand new journey for everyone! We have arrived at the calendar year of 2015 and I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year! This time round, I am making a change by not setting "New Year Resolution(s)" but will be sharing my "Plans for the Year 2015" instead. ^^;

Cover Photo: Super Trees @ Gardens by the Bay , Singapore

Plans for the Year 2015

Photo: Business Development Chart on the Desk

Personal Development Plan
  • Weight Loss: 10KG (Ten Kilograms) off the Weighing Scale
  • Japanese Language: Attend Elementary 1 Course @ Bunka Language School
  • Computer Literacy: Learn JavaScript from W3Schools

Business Development Plan
  • Intellectual Property (IP): Mascot Character (F)
  • Intellectual Property (IP): Mascot Character (M)
  • Intellectual Property (IP): Science Fiction Universe

Brand New Year 2015: Round-up

Photo: Top-down view of the Interior @ Marina Bay Sands

Have you set your New Year Resolution(s) or made ambitious plans for the Calendar Year 2015? Make sure that your objectives must be realistic and achievable within a calendar year and also within your current capabilities instead of a projected one such as "when I won a million dollar cash prize from the local lottery".

Deceiving yourself is equivalent to stabbing yourself with a knife in the back and then spiral down into depression mode when the objective is not accomplished at the end of the calendar year. In the case when you have absolutely no plans at this point of time, planning to come up with a plan is also a plan by itself!

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