02 February 2015

Planning for the Future

As we continue to travel across the journey through life, we will eventually arrive at a crossroad where we must make difficult decisions on which direction we should be headed and what kind of folks we want to transform ourselves into at the end of the journey. Failing to plan for the future is equivalent to planning for failure.

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Change is the New Constant of the Modern World

We have always been told by senior folks that the way to achieve success in life is to go to school, study hard, get good grades, secure a stable job with good salary, and work up the corporate ladder towards the next promotion. This is not exactly the right advice and neither is it an incorrect one.

There is another piece of advice which is not being shared by senior folks or taught in a classroom environment. Change is the new constant of the modern world we live in today and we must adapt as quickly as possible to the new changes in society or risk being left behind.

The Shifting Goal Post

While we are still young, we have made decisions on who we want to be, and how we will be traveling to the dream destination at the end of the journey through life. As time passes by, we realize that our dream destination appears to be drifting further and further away from our reach even though we have already made plans and following them very closely.

So why is this happening? Did we happen to make careless mistakes in our plans, side-tracked from the original plans, or is there a greater mystery yet to be solved?

There is a possibility that we could have made careless mistakes in our plans or side-tracked from the original plans but there is greater issue which is beyond our control known as The Shifting Goal Post. As the world continue to change constantly, so do the positions of our goal posts.

Planning and Making Changes to Plans Constantly

We cannot stop the world from changing but we can put in time and effort to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest changes that the world has to offer on a constant basis. Plans that were made just one week ago could even be considered outdated but they can always be updated or even changed with brand new stategies and tactics.

If you have not yet made any plan that points you towards any direction, you might want to first discover your passion.

If you have already made plans and aware of which direction you should be headed, you are recommended to conduct a reality check. Find out whether your goal post has been shifted from its original position and whether the action plans that you are currently following are still relevant to achieving those life goals. Otherwise, make changes to your plans as soon as possible.

Round-up: Planning for the Future

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Change is the new constant of the modern world we live in today. As the world continues to change every single moment that we can ever think of, so do the positions of our goal posts. We should not fear or reject change but to embrace it through continuous planning and managing our expectations lest we allow it to break us apart from the inside.

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