06 May 2015

Learn Japanese Language 2015

As I learn the Japanese Language on a self-study basis continuously for quite a number of years, I encountered a roadblock which brought me to a complete halt. It was this eye-opening experience when I realized that the online and printed resources are way too limited to pick up and understand the language for real world usage.

Photo: New System Japanese Textbooks on the Executive Workspace

Japanese Language Schools in Singapore

Photo: Hiragana Writing Practice with Pen on Paper

After about 3 years of slow-pace learning which led to a complete stagnation, I can no longer wait around doing nothing while age continues to catch up with me. The best way to pick up and master the Japanese Language is to attend an authentic Japanese Language school and be taught by a native Japanese Language Teacher.

Screenshot: Search Results for "Japanese Language School Singapore" on Google

I went ahead and did an online search for local (Singapore) schools that offer Japanese Language courses, and then narrowed my search down to a few promising results:

Having made a comparison between the 3 shortlisted schools, the prices are somehow floating around the same figures, but the barriers of entry and class schedules are the real unique selling propositions for the market!

First Choice: BUNKA Language School

Screenshot: Home Page of the BUNKA Language School Website

As a salaryman with a day job and a part-time hobby of being a Japanese Popular Culture lover, there is only so much time I have in a typical week. I picked and enrolled for classes with BUNKA Language School as they have highly flexible schedules and in case I have to miss any lessons due to work (or family) commitments, there are free make-up lessons!

Photo: Different Verb Forms of the Japanese Language

The lessons are also taught in a patented Japanese Language learning method which most language schools, websites, and books do not practice. I am very impressed and satisfied with this methodology after studying at this school for the first term (Elementary 1) and currently studying in the second term (Elementary 2)! ^^;

Screenshot: Japanese Language Courses @ BUNKA Language School

BUNKA Language School has a well-balanced and progressive curriculum model which understands the challenges that students face. Folks who have prior learning in the Japanese Language and feel confident can take placement tests to skip levels depending on their competency.

Round-up: Learn Japanese Language 2015

Photo: Close-up look at the cover of the New System Japanese Language Textbooks.

Education is a lifelong journey and one should never wait for the "right time" to learn something. For each passing day that we choose to defer our personal development plans, we are also one day older than the day before. If there is something that you must or want to learn, do it immediately!

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