18 July 2015

Brand Reboot

Image: Cover Page Presentation Slide featuring the latest design concept of the Project JeForceX brand.

It has been around 7 years since Project JeForceX was first launched on Windows Live Spaces. The original concept of its look and feel was to create a "dark and demonic yet peaceful and cozy" experience for our readers. As time passes by across the many years of journey enjoying Japanese Popular Culture contents and events, our world view also got its fair share of changes along the way.

A New Look and Feel

Image: Screenshots of the old and new website color scheme placed side by side.

Being lovers of the moe and kawaii styles of Japanese Anime, we have decided to give our brand's color scheme a lift out from the darkness into the light where rainbows arch across the clear blue skies and unicorns roam freely across the fresh and vibrant grassfields.

While the Project JeForceX has already been updated with the new color scheme, there will definitely be a few pesky bugs crawling around, waiting for us to catch and fix them. If you happen to spot something amiss around our website, kindly do not panic as we are still in the midst of getting the website contents updated to match the new color scheme.

Round-up: Brand Reboot

Image: Early stage concept artworks of the Mascot Character (F) project.

Now that we have implemented a brand reboot from darkness to light, our next objective will be to resume the Mascot Character (F) project which was placed on the back burner for quite some time due to difficulties of not having a real visual artist to render the character. We will be returning to the drawing board and re-designing the character's biographical information, personality, traits, and looks.

Once we are done re-designing the character from head to toe, we have plans to commission visual artists from local doujin groups such as Collateral Damage Studios and FantaisieNocturne Productions.

If you happen to be a visual artist who can render character artworks on par with or above the Amagi Brilliant Park standard, you are more than welcomed to contact us for a commission opportunity. ^^;

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