31 August 2015

#EOY2015 Interview with Guest Cosplayers: Candi & Sou

Photo: Close-up look of Guest Cosplayers Candi and Sou cosplaying as characters from the Kantai Collection and Touken Ranbu series.

International Cosplayers Candi and Sou have been invited as special guests for EOY Cosplay Festival 2015. We are very grateful to the EOY Team for the opportunity to conduct an interview with them and pleased to share our correspondences with our valued readers!

28 August 2015

EOY Cosplay Festival 2015

Photo: Overview of the EOY Cosplay Festival 2015 event location.

EOY Cosplay Festival 2015 is a community-centric Japanese Popular Culture event which took placed on 15 - 16 August 2015 at the Marina Barrage in Singapore. Many like-minded folks from different walks of life with similar interests and hobbies attended the event to celebrate their love and passion for Japanese Popular Culture. We take a look at the contents available and activities happening at this event!