09 September 2015

New Contributor: Fuji Jing Hao

Photo: Fuji Jing Hao standing on a raised platform at Marina Barrage in Singapore during EOY Cosplay Festival 2015.

Born and raised in Singapore, Fuji Jing Hao began his adventures in the local (Singapore) Japanese Popular Culture scene some time around Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) 2012. Being a part of the community for quite some time, he picked up an interest in photography and started doing Cosplay photography.


Fuji was first scouted for his well-diversified proficiencies in Southeast Asian languages and also assisted the Project JeForceX team during EOY Cosplay Festival 2015 as a member of the official media crew. He has also assisted in the planning, recruitment, logistics, coordination, and photography aspects of private Cosplay photoshoots.


Here are some of Fuji Jing Hao's works done in the local (Singapore) Japanese Popular Culture scene.

Photos: Showcase of Fuji Jing Hao's works. (click to enlarge the images)

Role: Contributor

Fuji Jing Hao plays the role of a Contributor who shares his photos captured during events for the team to use in the publication of feature articles as well as being an informant who gathers information about the Japanese Popular Culture scene at ground zero.

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