23 November 2015

Discover & Pursue Your Passion

Image: figma Asuna (left) and figma Uzuki Shimamura (right) looking far beyond the horizon.

Are you currently doing what you love and loving what you do regardless of whether you are in school, at work, or simply resting at home? From time to time, we will begin to question ourselves about the meaning of life and why we have been doing what we have always been doing on a daily basis. The answers to these questions can actually be found from within yourself.

Discover Your Passion

Image: figma Asuna looking far beyond the horizon.

What are you passionate about and have been pursuing? If you are already doing what you love and loving what you do, good job, well done, keep it up! If you have absolutely no idea what you are passionate about, no worries, it is normal, and there is no need to feel bad or lost about it.

Throughout our journey through life, we have always been exposed to the limited range of activities being enjoyed by the people around us and participating in those activities without finding out whether we truly love them or not. As time passes by, we begin to feel frustrated and exhausted when being invited to participate in the same old activities that we do not truly derive any Happiness & Well-Being from.

How do we go about discovering our passion?
What kind of activities will we truly enjoy for a lifetime without feeling any dread or reluctance?

1. Retrospection & Introspection
Begin with a blank piece of white paper and a pen. Think about and write down all kinds of activities that you have participated throughout your life, including the ones that you know of but did not have any opportunities to do so. Examples of activities can range from sports like soccer, cycling, and swimming to other kinds like reading, writing, drawing, photography, singing, dancing, and the like.

2. Elimination
With the paper filled with the names of various activities that you have been exposed to, the next step will be to strike off the activities that you do not feel excited about participating any time soon. When you reached the point of striking off activities down to the one last remaining activity, you have moved closer to discovering your passion!

3. Follow Your Heart
With that one last remaining activity on the paper, ask yourself honestly, is that the activity that you truly love and feel happy about when participating? If your answer is a firm yes, continue to the next step which is to Pursue Your Passion. Should your answer end up as a hesitant no, archive this piece of paper in a safe filing location and attempt this exercise again in another week or month.

• Be honest with yourself, for yourself, when you are working on this exercise.
• This exercise is all about your own passion, not your family, friends, school, job, country, race, religion, or whatsoever.
• Do this exercise alone, without any distractions such as the internet, or asking someone else for advice.

Pursue Your Passion

Image: figma Uzuki Shimamura looking far beyond the horizon.

Having discovered your passion, the next step will be to pursue it. Doing something will lead you to something while doing nothing will always lead you to nothing. So how do you go about pursuing your passion?

1. Learn & Grow
Without the relevant knowledge on the selected activity which you have decided to pursue as a passion, you are as good as not getting anything done. If you have decided to pursue Cosplay as a passion, a simple search on Google will lead you to a massive pool of information. Read up more about this activity and gain the necessary knowledge required to advance further.

2. Practice & Master
Whatever you have learned will go to waste when not being put into practice. Take action and practice the activity which you have decided to pursue as a passion. Practicing can take a while ranging from as short as a few months to as long as a few years. The key ingredients of pursuing your passion are patience and conviction. It is a journey of a lifetime until the day you enter the grave.

3. Network & Connect
Practicing any activity alone can be a lonesome experience. When you face challenges in your journey of pursuing your passion, moral support from other like-minded folks with the same passion is a key ingredient that will keep you going on. Participate in private, community, and public events that promote the activity of your passion.

Should these events be non-existent within your neck of the woods, head out to another town or country that organize such events. Alternatively, you could even try organizing your very own events and become the pioneer advocate of this activity!

Round-up: Discover & Pursue Your Passion

Image: Overview of the Character Figure Photography stage setting with figma Asuna and figma Uzuki Shimamura.

Discover your passion by looking back at past activities that you have participated in and choose the one which you feel happiest about.
Pursue your passion through learning, practicing, and connecting with other like-minded folks who share the same passion.

My passion is to 'Make the World a Better Place to Live in with Japanese Popular Culture'. It is a combination of many activities such as the introduction and promotion Japanese Popular Culture to non-Japanese folks through the sharing of photos and stories as well as advocating Smart Living through the sharing of alternative perspectives and solutions.

First Published: Monday, 04 February 2013
Last Updated: Monday, 23 November 2015

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