31 December 2015

Year In Review 2015

Image: Cover Picture for the Year In Review 2015 feature article.

We have arrived at the end of the calendar year 2015 and it is that time of the year again when we take a look back at how far we have traveled and how much we have accomplished within this period of time! The calendar year 2015 has been an awesome and memorable journey for us that we would like to celebrate our achievements together with our readers through the publishing of this feature article!

0001 - Learn Japanese Language @ BUNKA Language School

Photo: New Japanese System Textbooks by Mineko Ebihara on the J-Culture Desk of Jason Wong.

At the beginning of the year, I made a tough decision with certain opportunity cost to learn Japanese Language in a formal classroom environment at BUNKA Language School. The learning pace is fast and the learning curve is pretty steep but I am very happy to have learned a lot about the Japanese Language as well as the Japanese Culture.

0002 - The Brand Reboot

Image: New color scheme and content style of the brand reboot.

The early web design concept of Project JeForceX was to adopt the dark and professional style along the lines of Blizzard Entertainment. As the years go by, we noticed that the J-Culture content does not really fit in well with the dark and professional theme so we decided to brighten up the atmosphere with a Brand Reboot.

0003 - Official Media @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2015

Photo: Cosplay Cards and Media Pass for EOY Cosplay Festival 2015 (Right).

For the 4th consecutive year running, it has always been an honor for us to provide media coverage for the EOY Cosplay Festival series of events. Our media coverages provide important and relevant visual contents about the event to the lovers of J-Culture who were unable to attend the event due to life commitments and important appointments.

0004 - New Contributor: Fuji Jing Hao

Photo: Fuji Jing Hao posing for photo in the centre of Marina Barrage.

A new addition to the Project JeForceX team, Fuji Jing Hao was invited to join the team as a contributor in view of his proficiency in South-East Asian Languages, Natural Aptitude in Group Coordination, as well as his passion for J-Culture Events and Cosplay.

0005 - Love Live! (Fairy Tale) Cosplay Photoshoot @ Gardens by the Bay

Photo: Group Photo of the Love Live! (Fairy Tale) Cosplayers.

As the Japanese Popular Culture conventions scene goes into silent mode during certain periods of the calendar year, we accepted invitations from our good friends to become a part of private Cosplay Photoshoots. One of our most successful private Cosplay Photoshoots would be the Love Live! (Fairy Tale) Cosplay Photoshoot @ Gardens by the Bay.

We got beautiful locations loved by many folks and beautiful Cosplayers enjoying what they do.
How much more would we ask for when presented with two great forms of beauty? ^^;

0006 - Photo with Shooting Star's Saku Ayaka @ #STGCC2015

Photo: Jason Wong (Right), Director of Project JeForceX, posing for photo with #STGCC2015 Guest Cosplayer Saku Ayaka.

The year of selfies and wefies is how I would describe the calendar year 2015! I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and take up the challenges of queue-ing long hours for these rare opportunities to get up-close and personal with international guest cosplayers. My efforts paid off and I completed the challenges that I have set for myself!

Standing right next to me is Shooting Star's Saku Ayaka, a gorgeous cosplayer from Japan invited as one of the many international guests for the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2015 event.

0007 - Autographed Merchandise & Shikishi

Photo: Merchandises from #STGCC2015 fanned out and displayed on the J-Culture Workspace of Jason Wong, Director of Project JeForceX.

Another great achievement to celebrate is getting autographed merchandise as well as personalized autograph on a Shikishi. Shooting Star's Saku Ayaka is a very friendly and approachable cosplayer. I definitely want to meet her in person again some day in the future!

0008 - Fully Decorated J-Culture Workspace

Photo: J-Culture Workspace of Jason Wong, Director of Project JeForceX, captured around September 2015.

Throughout many years of my journey discovering and exploring the Japanese Popular Culture scene, I began to collect stuffs. I am highly inspired by Danny Choo's Desk Diary series of feature articles and wanted to do something great for myself with my own capabilities. After many moons, I have created my very own J-Culture Themed Workspace that I can be proud of!

Check out how my former workspace looks like when I first started this J-Culture Workspace project.
It was a humble beginning and I am very proud of what I have achieved thus far!

What is Next?

Photo: Full Color Concept Sketches of the Mascot Character (F) Project.

The calendar year 2015 has been a blast and we are eagerly looking forward to even greater things that are coming up in the year ahead! While Project JeForceX appears to be much more quieter this year compared to the much more active years that we used to have before, we were actually channeling most of our resources to work on a project that we can be truly proud of.

Mascot Character (F) will be the very first visual representative of the Project JeForceX brand in the media landscape aside from our constantly evolving trademark logo. We love Japanese Popular Culture and our mascot character will be designed like the beautiful characters that we enjoy seeing in our favorite Japanese Anime and Manga series!

What have you achieved thus far since the beginning of calendar year 2015?

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