06 January 2016

Brand New Year 2016

Photo: The iconic Singapore Sports Hub across the Kallang Basin from Tanjong Rhu.

A brand new year 2016 is upon us! We are very excited about what kind of surprises will be coming up for us from the Japanese Popular Culture scene around the world, and what we will be doing in the upcoming days, weeks, and months!

The Calendar Year 2015 has been a blast for us with lots of achievements, rewards, and we believe the calendar year 2016 will be an even more rewarding year with greater achievements for folks who believe in their visions and work smart towards their goals!

Plans for the Year 2016

Image: Early stage concept artwork of the Mascot Character (F) project.

1. Mascot Character (F)
We have been working behind the scenes on the Mascot Character (F) project over the past few years with lots of 'do it all over again' calls and the many different pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together with the assistance of creative talents at one of the finest art groups in Singapore - Collateral Damage Studios.

The Mascot Character (F) project is expected to be completed within the first half of calendar year 2016 and we look forward to share this wonderful piece of creation with our valued followers!

2. Mascot Character (M)
While our Mascot Character (F) project is on its way towards the launchpad within the first half of this year, we could not sit idly by waiting for this year's Christmas Day to arrive without getting any wonderful work of art done. The Mascot Character (M) project will be our second (and male) visual representative for the Project JeForceX brand.

What is Next

Photo: Entrance of Kallang Wave Mall within the Singapore Sports Hub compound.

Are the frequent mentions of both the Mascot Character (F) and Mascot Character (M) projects bringing you closer to the dark forces of gloom? While the calendar year 2016 is sure to be packed with works on these two great projects, we will continue to deliver the juicy bits and pieces of our Anime Picks, Event Coverages, and Smart Living Guides.

Have you made some brilliant plans on what you would like to achieve from the start till the end of calendar year 2016?

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