18 May 2016


Goddess Kiss is a smart device game published by Flero Games for the Google Android platform as of publication time. This is a game where players collect pilot characters alongside with the mech vehicles that they operate and fight against the forces of evil through the singleplayer campaign, against other human players in the arena mode and many other game modes!

Welcome to “Goddess Kiss!” A Special Forces division of peace & law enforcement R.E.A.P. Liberate your brainwashed troops from enemy forces and grow your troops into elite power!

Gameplay Features

Image: Screenshot of the singleplayer campaign map in Goddess Kiss.

★ Unravel the Goddess Kiss story together with the goddesses!
10 different chapters with 200 mission stages awaiting your challenge!

Storytelling in Goddess Kiss is done through the singleplayer campaign where the player will learn more about the background and play through the present day situation of the game world. The story is long enough to present a certain depth yet short enough to make it feel complete-able without transforming it into a grindfest of madness.

Image: Screenshot of the raid mode in Goddess Kiss.

The game has this 'Raid' mode which gives the player opportunities to test their squad's combat prowess against challenging boss type enemies with in-game rewards to be earned.

Image: Screenshot of the arena mode in Goddess Kiss.

The 'arena' mode gives the player opportunities to battle against other human players' squads with a different set of in-game rewards to be earned as well.

Image: Screenshot of the Headquarters in Goddess Kiss.

★ Create a collection of attractive goddesses!
Each goddess has their unique personality and traits. Create a collection of the goddesses along with their distinctive units.

Similar to many other smart device collectible card games such as Valkyrie Crusade, the pilot characters in Goddess Kiss can be earned, collected, and developed into stronger versions through training and enhancements.

A refreshing concept of this game mechanic is that duplicate character 'cards' will automatically be added into the advancement pool of the specific character instead of clogging up your 'deck' or troubling you to fuse them manually.

Image: Screenshot of the actual in-game combat in Goddess Kiss.

★ Experience robust battles of goddess Kiss goddesses!!
With simple controls, utilize each unique goddess skills and create strategic battle plans to destroy the enemy units.

Combat in Goddess Kiss is partially manual (skills activation) in the singleplayer campaign mode while fully automatic (forced) in the Player versus Player (PvP) arena mode. The units will attack the enemies automatically on a turn-by-turn basis.

Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Parental consent is required for persons 13 years or below to download and play Goddess kiss.

The game does feature sensitive and suggestive contents such as torn clothings when the units are damaged near the point of destruction. You have been warned of the dangers and landmines!

Art Direction

The pilot characters in Goddess Kiss are designed with the Japanese Anime look and feel which is both pretty and cute at the same time. More official artworks from the game's Google Play store page shared below.

Our Thoughts

Image: Screenshot of the squad formation planner before a battle commences in Goddess Kiss.

The game mechanics of Goddess Kiss may seem to be nearly fully automated as though everything is based on the mood swings of the Random Number Generation (RNG) system but there is still some hope in player-determined victories or defeats which is the squad formation planner.

With the right combination of squad formation and good understanding of your pilot skills, the player can turn the tides of battles from an impending defeat to a triumphant victory.

Image: Screenshot of a responded query on the Goddess Kiss Facebook Page.

The social media team of Goddess Kiss is highly responsive to player feedback on their Facebook Page. This great and positive end user engagement strategy puts the game on a positive note and spotlight rarely seen in other smart device game makers.

Round-up: Goddess Kiss

Image: Screenshot of a the Home Base in Goddess Kiss.

Goddess Kiss is a beautiful smart device game which combines the pretty cute Japanese Anime look and feel with mechanical firepower into one package. A great smart device game for busy working professionals who could only squeeze in a few minutes of game time while commuting and limiting students' game time so that they can better manage their time between studies and play.

There is no official website created for Goddess Kiss at the time of publication so do head over to their Facebook Page for more information about the game.


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