24 October 2016

New Contributor: Kwong Chang Wei

Photo: Kwong Chang Wei standing in the midst of L3 Sky Garden at Suntec City, Singapore.

Graduated with a Diploma in Mass Communication from Republic Polytechnic, Kwong Chang Wei was the former head of the 'Technology' section in his high school club 'Write IG'. He was personally involved in contributing key ideas for the institution’s monthly publication 'Republican Post'.


Chang Wei dreams to one day create a character that will be known throughout the world. He intends to be the one designing and making the entire thing from scratch. Chang Wei is a huge fan of reading Manga 漫画 ('Comic' in Japanese Language) of the psychological genres such as Death Note.

During his leisure time, Chang Wei would cover local cosplay conventions such as Anime Festival Asia (AFA).
He also tinkers with props from time to time but he is currently a novice in that field.

Chang Wei joined Project JeForceX to share his love for Japanese Popular Culture on a bigger platform. He also seeks to acquire and develop various skills in the field of Mass Communication such as Photography and Journalism.


Prior to joining Project JeForceX, Kwong Chang Wei does cosplay works such as Kamen Rider Eternal from the popular Kamen Rider television series.

Photo Credits: Project JeForceX / Rated Ram / Walk Walk See See Cosplay Photography (click to enlarge the images)

Role: Contributor

Kwong Chang Wei plays the role of a Contributor who shares photos which he has captured during Japanese Popular Culture events for use in the publication of feature articles as well as being an informant who gathers vital information from the local and international Japanese Popular Culture scene at ground zero.

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