15 November 2016

Valiant Force

Image: Screenshot of the Valiant Force Official Game Website.

Valiant Force is a free-to-play turn-based strategy role-playing game set in a magical fantasy world for smart devices. Players will explore a magical world, assemble valiant heroes, and battle against the forces of darkness or against other human players in the arena.

Town Garrison

Image: In-Game Screenshots - Log-in Screen / Town Garrison / Town Hall Screen

Players will start off with a small and humble Town Garrison where they can construct buildings to aid them in their adventures. Each type of building provides certain benefits-in-kind. There is a gold, time, and also opportunity cost to every building as players have to decide which one to build and which one to forgo.

Story Mode

Image: In-Game Screenshots - Story World Map / Local Quest Map / Quest Details & Rewards

In the story mode, players will adventure with their valiant heroes through the world of Arathos and battle against for the forces of darkness. Every quest is repeat-able and has its very own list of rewards to be earned.

Event Mode

Image: In-Game Screenshots - Event Menu / Tower of Despair / Capitol's Last Stand

Aside from the original story and quests, there are daily and also seasonal events available with refreshing challenges and event-exclusive rewards to be earned. Battles are fought in a tile-based and turn-based setting and events bring about different styles of gameplay experience such as timed trap activations and endless hordes of monsters.

Arena Mode

Image: In-Game Screenshots - Arena Home Screen / Player Matching Details / Arena Battle

The Arena Mode provides players with the opportunity to battle against other human players' with weekly ranking charts and arena-exclusive rewards to be earned. Arena opponents are randomly matched based on the players' current level and players can choose whether to proceed or repick a different opponent.

Hero & Equipment Summoning

Image: In-Game Screenshots - Summon Home Screen / Hero Summon / Equipment Summon Screen

Additional Heroes and Equipments can be summoned using either the in-game currency known as 'Gold' or the premium currency known as 'Gem'. Spending real money in this game is optional and doing so will certainly help players to advance further and much more quickly within a shorter period of time.

Round-up: Valiant Force

Video: Valiant Force - Development Video 2016 by XII Braves (YouTube)

What we have covered thus far has only scratched less than half the surface of the full Valiant Force gameplay experience. There is so much more to Valiant Force such as the multitude of hero job advancement pathways, upgrading of equipments, crafting of items, runes, guilds, premium shop, Japanese Voice Actors, and even more!

One will need to play the Valiant Force game to gain the full experience of what this game has to offer!

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