31 December 2016

Year in Review 2016

Image: Photos and graphics collage of the Project JeForceX journey through the calendar year 2016.

It is that time of the year again when we take a good look back at what we have done thus far throughout the calendar year 2016 as well as reflect on what could be done better and potential pitfalls that could be avoided through best practices.

The calendar year 2016 in general has been a pretty challenging year for us with strong headwinds and choppy waves but we are glad to have pulled through the storm. Balancing between work, play, and life is no easy feat but it will certainly benefit us in terms of Happiness & Well-Being in the long run!

Refreshers for the Year

Mascot Character (F) - Jerraine Harukawa (ジャッレイン春川)

Image: Cover Picture of the feature article for Mascot Character (F) - Jerraine Harukawa.

Within the first half of the calendar year 2016, we released Mascot Character (F) - Jerraine Harukawa 「ジャッレイン春川」, the very first humanoid visual representative of our digital media channel.

The number of things we can do with her are limitless (including ecchi) and we are currently exploring our options on where to take her further. Perhaps a Light Novel (LN), Visual Novel (VN), Dakimakura Hugging Pillow Cover, or a smart device game like Valiant Force?


Image: The official trademark of 「天国」 TENGOKU over a flight of stone stairs background.

In the second half of the calendar year 2016, we produced the 「天国」 TENGOKU casual and social gaming group for the lovers by the lovers of Japanese Popular Culture. Our group is currently participating in the Goddess Kiss and Valiant Force smart device games, and we may have plans to expand further into other gaming realms such as Minecraft.

What is Next: Calendar Year 2017

Image: The Project JeForceX Outlook for the Calendar Year 2017.

So what is Project JeForceX's next move for the Calendar Year 2017?

Mascot Character (M)
Wait a minute .. is this not supposed to be done within the Calendar Year 2016? Well, EUREKA (not Eureka Seven though) happened at the right place and right time for us thus the Mascot Character (M) project has been postponed to the Calendar Year 2017 in favor of the 「天国」 TENGOKU Casual & Social Gaming x Japanese Popular Culture group project.

We love games in general and will continue to keep up on the good work as well as further develop our community of Japanese Popular Culture lovers. Our group is currently using Facebook Groups as a platform for group communications and we have plans to establish our very own communications channel which synergizes well with social media platforms.

Future Pop Culture Conventions in Singapore
While this is a given as we have been attending Pop Culture Conventions in Singapore ever since our founding days back in the year 2008, we continue to love Pop Culture Conventions in Singapore, and look forward to attend them in person! It will be an even greater honor and bonus to secure media accreditation for these conventions to cover more in-depth contents.

Seems like we have not written anything about our media accreditation at local Pop Culture Conventions and will be doing so in the near future to share more about what goes in (and out) of the exclusive accesses granted to media pass holders.

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