01 January 2018

The Future is Now

Photo: Guest House @ Japanese Garden, Singapore

Hello Comrades, it has been a while since we went on a prolonged hiatus back in the month of May 2017 to recharge our energy reserves as well as acquire even more knowledge and further develop our skills!

Here we are with our energies recharged and skills further developed. We have exciting announcements for all our readers so continue read to on and find out more!

Project JeForceX » TENGOKU Gateway

Image: Project JeForceX and TENGOKU Gateway trademarks against Landscape Backdrop.

Introducing TENGOKU Gateway (天国 - "Kingdom of Heaven" in Japanese Language), our new Digital Media Channel about Japanese Popular Culture (J-Culture) which provides ground zero media coverage, perspectives, and insights on a myriad of topics ranging from Anime and Games to Cosplay and Events.

Founded by the exact same team who brought Project JeForceX to what it is today, our objective is to move away from personal branding to international branding which many more J-Culture lovers can easily relate to. We seek to continue the good work which we have done so here at Project JeForceX and also produce more interesting and exciting contents for our readers.

What Happens Now & What is Next

Photo: Guest House @ Japanese Garden, Singapore

Project JeForceX

This Digital Media Channel along with its Social Media Accounts will be immortalized and remain on the internet indefinitely for reference and reminiscence (should anyone wish to do so).

The www.jeforcex.com Top Level Domain (TLD) is set to expire and will revert to projectjeforcex.blogspot.com. The domain expiry date is intentionally omitted to prevent speculation activities by prospective domain buyers.


We cordially invite our readers to join us in our new journey:
1. Bookmark the TENGOKU Gateway (www.tengokugateway.com) website address.
2. Like our Facebook Page (/tengokugateway).
3. Follow our Twitter Account (@tengokugateway).

See you there at TENGOKU Gateway!

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