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About Project JeForceX

Project JeForceX is a Digital Media Channel about Japanese Popular Culture and Smart Living. It is our interest and passion to introduce and promote Japanese Popular Culture as well as advocate Smart Living through the publishing of feature articles.

What We Do

Introduce and Promote Japanese Popular Culture

Anime, Games, Collectible Figures, and Cosplay have played major roles in the lives of many youths and brought happiness to their hearts and minds.

Being lovers of Japanese Popular Culture ourselves, we want to share information about the existence of these wonderful entertainment and hobby products with folks living outside of Japan.
Advocate Smart Living

Change is the new constant of the modern world we live in today and life is never a smooth sailing journey with clear blue skies and calm breezes.

Having been through rocky roads and rough seas, we want to share our knowledge and experience on how to lead a healthier and happier life presented with a refreshing Japanese Popular Culture theme.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Introduce and promote Japanese Popular Culture as well as advocate
Smart Living.

The preferred
Digital Media Channel for
Japanese Popular Culture and Smart Living.
Core Values

• Live Smart • Dream Big • Never Settle

Management Team

Jason 'JeForceX' Wong

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History & Background

SINGAPORE: Saturday, 09 August 2008 - The story of Project JeForceX began with
Jason Wong, a young man who is deeply in love with Japanese Popular Culture and decided to do more about his life than just simply watching Japanese Anime and playing Video Games.

Being inspired by J-Culture bloggers such as Danny Choo, Gordonator, Kodomut, and alafista, Jason took his first step out of the comfort zone and started writing about his love for Japanese Popular Culture on a blogging platform known as Windows Live Spaces.

When Windows Live Spaces discontinued its service, Project JeForceX went on a short hiatus while searching the internet for another blogging platform to call 'Home'. It started all over again from scratch on the Blogger digital publishing platform.

Over the years, the Project JeForceX brand transformed itself from a simple blog about Jason Wong and his love for Japanese Popular Culture to a digital media channel which also seeks to advocate Smart Living presented with a refreshing mix of Japanese Popular Culture theme.