Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

1. What is Project JeForceX?
Project JeForceX is a Digital Media Channel about Japanese Popular Culture and Smart Living.
Learn more about who we are and what we do over at the About: Project JeForceX page.

2. Who operates and manages Project JeForceX?
Project JeForceX is operated and managed independently by our very own Management Team with no affiliation to any political, commercial, or social entities.

3. What are the short and long term plans of Project JeForceX?
Our mission is to promote Japanese Popular Culture while advocating Smart Living with a refreshing mix of Japanese Popular Culture theme.
Our vision is to be the preferred digital media channel for Smart Living with Japanese Popular Culture.

4. Is Project JeForceX a business or corporation?
Project JeForceX is not registered or licensed as a business or corporation.
We might have plans to go commercial but that will be decided somewhere in the distant future.
An official announcement will be made should we decide to go commercial.

5. Do you provide events management services?
While our team may provide media coverage for popular culture events, we are not a commercial events management firm, and thus do not provide events management services.

6. May I use materials found on your website for a media work published somewhere else?
Thank you for your interest in citing or referencing source materials from our website!

First Party Materials: © Copyright Project JeForceX
For materials with the Project JeForceX watermark, you may use them as long as the usage meets the following criteria:
• Not used alongside contents related to but not just limited to alcohol, tobacco, politics, religion, pornography, or violence.
• Not for Commercial Use (e.g. Printed on Newspapers / Magazines / Advertisements / Product Packaging)
• No modifications made on the original source material (e.g. Cropping / Inverting / Rotating / Skewing).
• Credit and link back to Project JeForceX (

Third Party Materials: Other Sources
For materials from other external sources, search for the exact same original source material with Google Search.
Provide credit to the third party source instead of Project JeForceX.

7. May I invite your team to help provide media coverage for my event?
Depending on the scale, theme, and objective of your event, we prefer to provide media coverage for events related to Japanese Popular Culture.
Events that try to take advantage of Japanese Popular Culture to promote other agenda or using it as a 'side dish' will not be entertained.

8. Would you be interested to collaborate with us for a project?
Depending on the scope, nature, and objective of the collaboration, we prefer to collaborate on projects related to Japanese Popular Culture.
If you are looking to raise funds for your project, head over to the KickStarter website.

9. May I request for a mutual link or banner exchange?
Feel free to download a copy of our link exchange banner at the Contact Information page and create a linked banner on your website to
Once you are done creating the linked banner on your website, send your website's link and banner to us, and we will create a linked banner back to your website.

10. May I contribute a feature article as a guest or join your team as a resident member?
We are always happy to accept talented and passionate folks who express their interest to contribute as a guest or join our team!

Guest Contribution
Send us an e-mail introduction of yourself, include links to your portfolio, and indicate the topics that you are interested to contribute.
Guest contributors are expected to have prior knowledge in citation, referencing, bibliography, and crediting of external source materials used in feature articles.

Join Our Team
Head over to the Join Our Team page and check out the list of positions available for application.
Take note that ALL positions in Project JeForceX are voluntary and do not offer any form of remuneration or cash-equivalent benefit-in-kind.

X. I have burning questions that have not yet been answered.
Send your burning questions to us and we will do our best to provide the most relevant answers to your questions.
Our contact information can be found on the Contact Information page.

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